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Fifty Shades of Grey, written by E. L. James, was published in 2011 by Random House. Its story revolves around the romantic liaison of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey. The book’s heroine is a young woman, fresh out of college, naive and innocent to the ways of the world. The hero, on the other hand, is a young entrepreneur, wealthy, powerful, and brilliant. Anastasia is allowed an interview with the man, and a deep attraction between the couple blossoms – seemingly in spite of their initial reluctance and reservation.

Ana is at first shocked to recognize the strong, almost uncontrollable attraction she feels towards the young man. Christian, in spite of his better self, is likewise unable to stand firm against the onslaught of Ana’s combined charms; he is utterly taken by her soft feminine allure, her intelligence, and her self-sufficient high spirit. He badly wants her – and on his own terms, too.

Their affair is a largely physical one—marked by strong uncontrollable passion, desire, and daring. Ana indulges her newly discovered sexuality. She is drawn to Christian’s enigmatic self, desperate to get emotionally close to him. She is deeply intimidated, yet hopelessly drawn to his dark and anguished side – and his stark, all-consuming need for control. She slowly grows to realize that Christian is in pain – a deeply unhappy, disturbed, and anguished man despite his immense affluence, power, and the love of his family. She longs for emotional intimacy while grappling with the thrill of the extraordinarily erotic pleasures he arouses in her.

The second volume, Fifty Shades Darker Audiobook, was published in 2012.

Ana becomes overwhelmed by the deep darkness that surrounds Christian, as well as by the strong dominance he continues to hold over her. She attempts to break off from their relationship and explore her career options with a publishing house in Seattle. In spite of her resolve, however, she continues to be enslaved by her desire for Christian. She continues to think of and hunger for him. Christian wants to get back into her life, and Ana eventually succumbs to her intense need for him. Their scorching sensual love affair is reawakened.

Christian continues to battle with his inner-demons. Ana unearths more secrets about Christian’s disturbing past and his single-minded obsession for sexual power and control. She also has to deal with issues of intense jealousy and antagonism. All these lead her to make a significant and crucial choice.

The third volume of the trilogy, Fifty Shades Freed, was also published in 2012.

Ana and Christian appear to have everything that they desire – a loving and intensely passionate relationship and the means and resources to explore all the options they want to. Ana is aware, though, that Christian’s anguished past will continue to hound them. She also realizes that she has to fit in with Christian’s luxurious and lavish lifestyle without losing her own identity and values. Christian, for his part, must learn to overcome his intense trepidation toward emotional closeness, and relinquish his deep-seated and absurd need to be in control. Their relationship seems to be growing stronger. Destiny, however, appears to have other plans for the couple.

The Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy has been heralded as extremely erotic books, explicit in its depiction of scenes portraying the sexual-psychological pull between bondage-discipline, dominance-submission, as well as sadism-masochism.

The 50 Shades of Grey Audiobook has been an astounding international best-seller – in the United Kingdom, as well as in the United States. It remains to be the fastest-selling paperback to date. Reviews about its literary value have been varied, with the unbelievers seeing its prose as by and large below expectations. The book, however, continues to outsell every book in the market with its fans growing by leaps and bounds. A movie based on the trilogy is scheduled to be released by Universal Pictures / Focus features by 2015.

The trilogy was written with adult readers in mind. Despite this notification, however, it has remained controversial – the hullaballoo apparently getting it more mileage and greater patronage. It has exceeded the sale of the Harry Potter paperback series.

Riding on the wave of increased interest and sales that the trilogy has generated, alternate versions have been produced. This is by way of e-books, film/television adaptations, and audio books. The previously mentioned movie-in–the-making is likely to generate greater renewed interest.

The audio book format has become increasingly popular, following in the footsteps of the original publication. An increasing number of people have been captivated by the story of Ana and Christian in its audio book version. Having the story unfold by way of audio seems to enhance its appeal to a lot of individuals. The trilogy’s fan base seems to have expanded several times over since the introduction of the audio book. More and more people want to have their own copy of the trilogy specifically in its audio book format. Complimentary editions are even available for downloading online.

Fifty Shades of Grey Format: Audio Book Publisher: Random House Audio Duration: 19:50 Date Published: Language: English ISBN-10: 0449808165 ISBN-13: 9780449808160